2016 Charities – MPS Society & Restricted Growth Association

BADCo  supported two charities with the profits from the 2016 show The Princess & The Peastalk, who each received £1250.

The MPS Society (Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases) supports individuals and families affected with an MPS or related condition.  These disorders cause significant physical and intellectual disabilities which are life-limiting and progressive.  The MPS Society provides advocacy support eg for housing, benefits or care needs and also supports research into treatments for these rare conditions. Read more about their work at www.mpssociety.org.uk

The Restricted Growth Association (RGA) provides support and information to those with restricted growth or dwarfism.  They aim to raise awareness and promote equality and diversity in society to try to reduce the barriers faced by people living with a restricted growth condition.  Read more about their work at www.restrictedgrowth.co.uk.

There are members of the BADCo cast who are affected by an MPS Condition which causes restricted growth who have benefited from support from both these charities, so we are pleased to have this opportunity to make a donation from the show profits.

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