BADCo Panto 2021

We are currently making provisional plans for a show in February 2021.  We would normally start by getting together everyone who is interested in taking part or helping behind the scenes and have a couple of meetings at EDF Barnwood in early September to read through the script and discuss the production, with rehearsals starting two or three weeks after that.  Clearly this year is going to be different due to Covid-19 but the BADCo Committee thought it was important that we try to make a start as usual, as best we can, and hope that we will be able to carry a show through to fruition, even if some things have to be done differently this year.

So the script for The Tailor of Gloucester, written by BADCo stalwart Trevor Howard, has been selected and Trevor will also direct the show.  The initial meetings will be held by Zoom on 6th and 10th September and we will take it from there.  There are currently no Sports & Social Club activities taking place on site at EDF so for the time being all meetings and rehearsals will be held either remotely or at other off site locations and appropriately socially distanced with only small numbers meeting at a time.  We will be keeping plans constantly under review and see how far we get depending on both the national covid picture and the on site covid operating arrangements at EDF.  Updates will be shared here and on our Facebook page.

We like a challenge and will have fun trying to bring you a show in difficult circumstances.

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